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Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home is a huge decision!  It’s the moment in time that you decide to invest a good chunk of your salary into something that is going to reflect exactly who you are…YOUR HOME.  So if you are reading this article then I am going to assume you are either bored out of your tree and stumbled upon this while surfing the net… or the most likely possibility, that you are considering the Southern Georgian Bay region as a possible visit/stay location.  I’m going to go with the latter here and assume you are here because you are considering buying a home in my area.  So here you are!

Welcome to Ontario’s Playground… the longest freshwater beach in the world, and the largest ski hill between the Great Rocky Mountain range and the Mighty Laurentian Mountain range in Quebec!   Now maybe you are a seasoned home buyer and have gone through the routine of purchasing a new home, or maybe you are just starting down this path for the first time.  It’s a very exciting time and one of the most memorable decisions that you will ever go through. I want to give you a quick snippet of some of the steps that you will encounter and help prepare you for a smooth transition!  Being a local and a connected professional, I have a business network of other local professionals that I trust and can recommend if needed at any time during the process.  This network of contacts is at your disposal if at any time they are needed along the way.  Whether it is a lawyer, a roofer, a snow removal company, or even just directions, or the best pizza in town… 😉 I’m here and have an option for you to help every step of the way.

I can’t think of to many other decisions in life that are as exciting as buying a home.  You are joining the multitudes of people that have realized that home ownership is a fantastic investment.  Benefits that start with building financial equity and savings for the future.  But more importantly, putting down roots and building a home for you and your family to come. You will be investing your hard earned income into your own mortgage, and not into someone else’s.  Ultimately over time, the value you have invested into your home along with the natural real estate market increases your home’s original value.  This increase in equity pays you dividends when you decide to sell! Positive Dividends!  I can buy a toothbrush anywhere. Every day someone out there is getting a new shipment of freshly made toothbrushes, and then they roll back the price. But I have yet to find ANYONE taking in new shipments of freshly made acres of land!

As a real estate professional, I feel it is my role to pass on any kind of information that may help you in your home buying pursuit!  So here is my mile-high look or BIG picture view of The Home Buyer Guide in Wasaga Beach.  (For further help, watch for the links throughout that I have included that will lead to informative articles on mortgages, tips for house hunting, putting in the offer, closing details, moving and much more.)

Home Buyer’s Guide

Home buying steps, The BIG Picture view…

1. Need, Want and Timeline (NWT)

The first part of The Home Buyer’s Guide involves deciding on what you Need, what you Want, and the Timeline that is required to bring it all together (NWT).  By understanding these three key parts, you will have a good idea of what kind of property you may be looking for.  And from this point, we will work together and determine the most appropriate plan of action. This plan will ultimately allow us to narrow the search area and find you the right home, at the right price, that meets the terms and conditions you that are beneficial to you.

Don’t get me wrong, the nice little four-sentence paragraph above sounds very quaint and quick, but it is anything but that! Write it down to help keep everything straight, or use my Home Buying Checklist and we will draft our plan to get you your perfect home.   I will assist you with all the local information you should know but might not have, such as school districts, local hospital, parks and recreation, traffic highlights, dog parks etc…

2. Mortgage Pre-Approval

The second part of The Home Buyer’s Guide in Wasaga Beach is something that is not mandatory, but in these times it’s something that I suggest, and that’s getting a mortgage pre-approval.  Once you have your plan and you feel confident in your NWT (Need, Want, Time), set up an appointment with your financial institute or mortgage broker and establish the numbers.  Do you have a good lender?  There are many different options out there, and if you do need one or may not have 100% full confidence in the name you have, I can recommend one.  The professional’s that I use will work for you and with your portfolio to provide you with the absolute best financial avenues to consider!  I should throw out a disclaimer here; I only recommend people that I trust completely to MY clients.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone to you that I wouldn’t use myself or would not recommend to my mom!

3. Start House Shopping!

NEXT, Let’s go and see them! We have sat down and have gone through your NWT and have narrowed down your search options and are in the process of finding you the perfect home!  We will identify some possibilities then I will dive into our system and start gathering as much information as possible on the selected properties.  I will provide you with a detailed report that will include historical information on the subject properties and target search area.  This information is paramount for you to make this very important decision.  Information is the key to this process, if you don’t have data all you have are opinions, and you don’t need to look very hard to find a thousand of those! The truth will set you free, isn’t that what they say? I treat every individual deal as if I’m from the state of Missouri, the “Show-Me” state.  I have to see it, to believe it.”  No assumptions, No misrepresentations, just the facts, and data. The more information you have the easier your decision will be!

4. Make an Offer

We will go through the properties until you walk into a house that goes from “Hmmmmmm…” to feeling like “Ahhhhh” home.  I can’t stress it enough, but you will know when it happens and once it does we will sit down and go through our original NWT.  From there it will be clear or not if we want to move to the next stage of The Home Buyer’s guide, making an offer.  We will want to move quickly to secure your future home and with my help, we will write an offer that is conditional to your specific terms and requirements. Your offer will provide you with the legal contract outlining your NWT.  It will include the necessary time to consult with your financial lender, home appraiser (if required), schedule a home inspection (if required), and of course,talk with your family.

So you have taken everything in and the excitement is starting to grow.  We have submitted an offer and you are at that stage when you are on a mission.  You walk with confidence and purpose feeling triumphant over home buyer’s anxiety!!  It’s a very exciting time.  I am only a text or phone call away and at this point, I will be negotiating on your behalf and will get you the absolute best deal possible! You will see timeliness and be kept completely up to date throughout the steps.  You will feel confident while we discuss our strategy and negotiate our position.  And you will be impressed with my tenacity while I negotiate and professionally take the lead to get you the absolute best deal!

5. Accepted Offer

Once we have completed the negotiating and we have an accepted and signed deal, I will coordinate anymore required activity related to getting you your home.  I will forward the required documents to your chosen lender and lawyer.  I will make sure that any other inspections we may have asked for are completed. These may include, a water flow test, water quality test, or a complete home inspection.  I will give you my thoughts on these tests and again provide you with the facts and data so that you can make the best possible decision that you can.

Listen, maybe this seems a bit overwhelming… I mean I haven’t even mentioned what you need to be doing at your current home so that by the time we are looking at our closing date on our ‘New Home’ timeline you are ready to move the rest of your old home into the new.  (Good News!!  I have a Home Seller’s Guide as well!)  But seriously, you don’t do this every day. I get it!  There are a lot of I’s and T’s that need to be dotted and crossed and I am here to make sure they all get done.  I’ll get you from point A to point B and we will keep smiles on our faces the whole way!

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